The Neopian Times
Issue: 2
6th February, 2000

We are back online and Neopets is now bigger and better than ever with brand new servers and lots more features. To celebrate we have given everyone 200 NP and we have an extra special treat in store for everybody. Lots more pets will be added in the coming weeks as well as many new features. If you have any suggestions how we can make the Neopian Times better than drop us an email to

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What am I? by TopWolf

A game is named
Just like me!
I've one eye bigger,
Though I can see
And I like to fly
(Soaring high into the sky).
You may dislike me,
And my pointed tail,
Although I think
That it's me you will hail.
Who am I?
I must admit
I am quite vain.
With no mirror,
I'll use a windowpane.
Still others like me,
For I am ranked quite high,
And I love to stare
Into the open sky.
I have mythological roots,
But I'd never stoop to boots.
For what I care about is ME
(You might picture me as a she, not he)
Who am I?
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